Disclaimer : Religion of God is a pretty controversial topic. I have nothing against those who believe in it, and I know all of my friends believe in good ones. I dare to discuss about this because it is important for the peace of the world. I am hoping that my lovable and smart friends could respect the freedom of expression and detach the idea from themselves for the sake of argument.

So, my question is, “Is religion of God good or bad for the world?”

I have been thinking that it is good because 1) it gives people a meaning of life, 2) it teaches people about ethic and 3) it creates a community where people belong. I still believe these are true. However, there are other ways to achieve these benefits.

I came to a regrettable conclusion that there should be no religion of God in this world for the sake of greater good. It seems obvious to say that some of them should not exist because they are harmful for human beings considering the history and what is happening right now, but I am taking it further. There should be no religion of God including good ones.


Because religion of God can be manufactured. The existence of many school of thoughts explain it. Some have false belief, and it justifies to kill people under the name of God.

The problem lies in the structure that God is absolute and people believe in it without question. There is no radical inversion of power because God is an absolute.

Unless we free ourselves from this structure and “because God says so” justification, it never stops. Even if we terminate an evil one, there will be someone who manufactures another one.