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The Three Traits of Great People I Want to Work With

January 09, 2022

For the last half a year, I’ve been co-founder dating some amazing people. At the end of 2021, I made a big decision to partner with my co-founder.

In the process, I’ve thought a lot about what I want for my co-founders. There are three main traits: high integrity, high intelligence, and high energy. I can’t take credit for this. I don’t know who said this first but both Warren Buffett and Naval Ravikant mention these three traits. Since they don’t explain what each trait really means, I came up with my own definition.


People you can trust have a high sense of morality. They understand themselves well and know how to see themselves from perspective. They don’t blindly pursue vanity metrics although they are aware that humans(including themselves) can be motivated by getting scarce resources like money, attention, or status. They are transparent and honest. They know how to say ”Thank you.” and “I’m sorry.” You don’t have to watch their work because you can trust that they will get it done and figure things out on their own. They don’t over-promise when they try to set up hard but not impossible goals. And because you can trust this person, they are your lifelong friend. They are not just a business partner.


Intelligent people know a lot of things you don’t know. They are curious and they enjoy learning. They have a growth mindset and believe that they can learn anything if they want. They have the high meta-learning skill and learn things quickly. They can tell people that they don’t know when they don’t know because they are intellectually confident. They can admit their mistakes. They are open to criticism and change their opinion if necessary. They love to tackle intellectually challenging problems. They know how to get the information they need. They often read a lot of books. They come up with a lot of good ideas. They ask good questions. They write clearly. They know how to manage their emotions well. They make you feel dumb sometimes. They intellectually challenge you and change your opinion.


High and positive energy, to be more specific. People with this good energy can work hard for a long time. They are determined. They make no excuses and they don’t complain. They are often incredibly ambitious. They are excited about what you are trying to build. They know how to manage their mind and body well. They are optimistic about the future but with realism. They radiate positive energy when you are around them. They lift you up when you feel down. They don’t easily get irritated or angry. They can be in the “eye of the storm”. They know how to look at the bright side. They make you smile.

Taisuke Mino

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